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What is the difference between a static reactive compensation controller and a dynamic reactive compensation controller?

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Static compensation is only a fixed (in order) capacitance according to the power factor, and the dynamic compensation is based on the difference in power factor and the selected switching capacitance is incorrect.
The reactive power compensator is a kind of compensation device. The role played by the electronic power supply system is to improve the power factor of the power grid, reduce the loss of the power supply transformer and the transmission line, improve the power supply efficiency, and improve the power supply environment. Therefore, the reactive power compensation device is in an indispensable and important position in the power supply system. Reasonable selection of compensation devices can minimize the loss of the network and improve the quality of the power grid. Conversely, if selected or used improperly, it may cause many factors such as power supply system, voltage fluctuation, harmonic increase and so on.
The reactive power compensation controller has three sampling modes, power factor type, reactive power type, and reactive current type. The choice of which physical control method is actually the choice of the reactive power compensation controller. The controller is the command system of the reactive power compensation device. The functions of sampling, calculation, and switching signal, parameter setting, measurement, and component protection are all completed by the compensation controller. In the past ten years, it has experienced a rapid development process of discrete components--integrated circuit--microcontroller--DSP chip, and its function has become more and more perfect. As for the overall situation in the country, due to the large demand in the market, there are more and more manufacturers, and their performance and internal quality are very different. Many product names are not true and need to be taken seriously when selecting. Another problem to be aware of when selecting is that the name of the domestically produced controller is "XXX reactive power compensation controller". The meaning of "reactive power" appearing in the name is not the sampling physical quantity of this controller. The physical quantity to be sampled depends on the model number of the product, not the name of the product.

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